New Logo Reflects Plastics Experience


Have you noticed anything different about us this year? Last Spring, we redesigned the Custom Plastics logo to refresh our brand and reflect some of our foundational company values. The new design is modern, clean and simple. But take a closer look and you’ll start to recognize some familiar traits.

Features of the new logo:

  • A diamond shape, with CP as the central object within the shape
  • The blue and silver are our consistent brand colors
  • The "1955" underneath the diamond represents the year Custom Plastics, Inc. was founded by Cosmo Tisbo

If you’ve known us for a while, you might have already noticed the parallel in the new design: the shape, the blue color and the placement of the CP. That’s right, it closely resembles our original company logo from the 1950s. 



We did this on purpose--our decades of experience in plastics manufacturing give us the expertise to be successful in this industry. We still operate with the same values placed on quality and exceptional customer service that we were founded on. We want to get back to our foundation, to ensure that these values remain a priority as we continue to grow. This new logo reflects our adage, “Inspired by our past, driven by our future.”