Our Quality System assures repeatability, conformance, and continuous improvement.


Strong performance measures are known and adhered to throughout the company.

Quality Statistics

  • Nearly 3,000 individual measuring devices are maintained in our calibration system. Many are custom gauges (Go/No Go, etc) fabricated for use on specific parts.
  • Return dollars have been on a decline annually for several years running.  2011 return dollars were 0.9% of sales.  2012 return dollars were 0.7% of sales.
  • >95% Success Rate for Quality Department acceptance of initial production submissions at job start-ups.
  • Zero findings in 2012 triennial ISO recertification audit conducted by our registrar, UL.
  • Zero re-audit findings in subsequent continual assessment audits.
  • In a recent Customer Service Survey, the satisfaction of the Quality department and the part quality itself averaged a score of 9 out of a possible 10 points, with 10 points being the absolute best, and 9 being well above average.
  • Every year we do a customer survey with all OEM business accounts.
  • We also do a customer survey after every project.
  • Quality of product was often listed as a reason for continuing business, and has lead to growth opportunities for new products with current customers.

About our Quality Assurance Program:

  • Interactive APQP process guides the customer's requirements (visual, dimensional, and functional) into product that conforms to customer's expectations
  • PPAP submissions are performed for the customer to review and approve product samples and accompanying dimensional studies
  • Statistical Analysis is available utilizing statistical software
  • Three-phase inspection process ensures that product is:
    1. Inspected and approved prior to commencing production
    2. Periodically inspected in-process during the production run
    3. Given a final audit inspection prior to being released for shipment



 With 24-hour jobs in manufacturing, passing down information from management and customers can be a challenge.  The Quality Awareness Board is designed to inform workers of any pertinent information pertaining to a job that is currently running, ensuring that our standard of quality is achieved.

Equipment available for inspection includes, but not limited to:

  • Micro-Vu precision visual measurement system with software for precise measurement of dimensional characteristics, especially for those that cannot be measured through conventional means
  • 142” Linear measurement system to ensure precise length measurement even for short to very long parts
  • Specialized fixtures and custom-made gauges for specific applications can simulate mating parts, provide “Go/No Go” results, or stabilize product for continued measurement with other equipment
  • Force gauges and Impact testing
  • L*A*B* Colorimetric readings to guarantee that the color is consistent from part-to-part, and from run-to-run
  • Calipers, Drop Indicators, Gage Pins, Gage Blocks, etc
  • Granite surface plates allow a consistent surface from which to perform measurements

All dimensional measurement equipment is maintained within our calibration system, and can be traced to NIST standards.