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  • Profile Extrusion

Sixty years of experience with continuous value-added features incorporated over the years.


Sixty years ago we purchased our very first extruder, which ultimately started the company of Custom Plastics, Inc.  Since then we have grown substantially and now have 16 extruders and 24 molding presses.  We have the knowledge and experience to produce and deliver quality parts on time, every time.  Our highly-rated customer service and 99.9% on-time delivery rate and 99.8% part acceptance rate allows us to be the manufacturer you always dreamed of.  With our ISO quality program, full-service Engineering department including 3D prototyping and design, and one-stop shop Finishing department, we are proud to be one of the Midwest's premier suppliers for profile extrusion parts and we look forward to learning more about your next project and how we can help your business continue to grow.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality System in place to ensure process is consistent and reliable
  • An array of extruders that compliment most product requirements, with single and twin screw capability, as indicated in the Machine List
  • Capable of profiles up to 20" wide, as well water tank and tri-extrusion capabilities
  • Well diverse in processing a multitude of materials, ranging from the common to the engineering grade variety, as indicated in the Material Capability List
  • Proficient in PVC and Foam PVC material compounding, with the ability to color match, and modify impact and/or UV characteristics to meet the customer requirements
  • Silo/rail car capability makes volume purchasing a possibility, which in turn offers our customers benefits of economy, delivery and consistency in processing of their products
  • In-house Die Design and Construction allows us to keep costs and lead times low, and ensure what we have designed and built processes efficiently in our own plant
  • Downstream Calibration enhances processing and further ensures quality
  • Dual Material or Dual Durometer profile experience
  • Project Management and comprehensive Design capabilities separate us from most common OEM manufacturers
  • Value added, not just extrusion, but also assembly, special packaging, drop ship, image ink jet printing, punching, drilling and the like are offered to make your project complete at our One-Stop Shop
  • Servicing a multitude of industries such as telecommunications, residential and commercial lighting, electrical, lawn and garden, and consumer products affords the cross functional experience to assist all customers in meeting their plastic objectives

Machine List

Four (4)   
1.5 Single Screw Extruders
Four (4)     
3.5 Single Screw Extruders
Four (4)     
55 Twin Screw Extruders
Four (4)     
80 Twin Screw Extruders



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Material Capability List

Rigid PVC Noryl
HIPS Polypropylene
Polycarbonate TPE
Geloy SAN
Polyethylene Hi Molecular Weight PE
Buterate Polystyrene
Flexible PVC Acrylic