Save time and money with our in-house Engineering Department and Tool Shop.


Design Capabilities

Custom Plastics can advise on current designs to determine if they will achieve the customer's needs and meet the standards for manufacturing. Ultimately our goal is to reach a final design for manufacturing. Once we finalize a drawing, we are able to produce a 3D prototype of the product within a few hours if necessary. The customer is then able to examine the prototype for fit and function and any suggested changes can be made to the design by our team, followed by the production of a second prototype. This process is repeated until both the customer and our engineers are satisfied with the design.


Using the approved prototype model, our team is then able to use SolidWorks® MoldFlow analysis to optimize tooling design and gain extensive knowledge of how the chosen plastic resin will flow through the mold. Therefore, we are able to determine if the part will be molded properly, and if not, we can make adjustments before any tooling costs are incurred by the customer.

We have invested heavily in our design and engineering capabilities in order to save our valued customers time and money.
Further benefits of partnering with Custom Plastics for your design and development needs include:

  • Complete production tooling - we build our own extrusion dies
  • Proactive maintenance and upkeep of machinery and tooling
  • Comprehensive resin review & selection
  • Necessary engineering software that works for you
  • Rapid prototyping capabilities
  • Project management process


Project Management

Detailed steps and processes ensure on time and accurate product delivery each and every time, as indicated by the following:

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP): A process wherein after project initiation, a cross functional team meets through an engineering initiative to kick off the new project and accept the responsibility of the requirements and delivery times.
  • Project Management: A continuation of the process, monitoring status, progress, ensuring deliverables from various responsible parties are being met, and direct contact with the customer to update and ensure customer deliverables are satisfactory as well. From project launch to the sample approval process, we keep progress moving forward.
  • Control Plan Initiative: A comprehensive review of ensuring our processing capabilities meet your product specifications, so that during our 1st piece part inspection, in-process and final audit processes, repeatability is second nature.

Innovative Concepts & Disciplined Engineering Practices Deliver Exceptional Products