With a dedicated team of engineers, tooling specialists, and customer service personnel, Custom Plastics, Inc. is the ideal OEM partner when looking to turn your lighting concept into a high quality final product.



We are able to extrude multiple materials with various finishes using our state-of-the-art engineering and machinery capabilities.

LED Specialists


We are highly efficient at extruding thick profile lenses in a variety of finishes putting our capabilities at the forefront of the LED lighting industry.

Frost Finishing


Our frost finishing capabilities allow lighting manufacturers to create new and innovative products unmatched by the competition.

Optically Clear


We can extrude and mold truly clear finished products that don't yellow over time providing the ideal lens for any glass-replacement project.

Uneven Walls


Sophisticated extrusion capabilities allows us to successfully produce uneven profile walls to meet the highest standards of lighting design.

Acrylic & Polycarbonate


Our ability to mold and extrude these raw materials allows us to create true glass-replacement lens molds and extrusions.