Elk Grove Village, IL. 12/4/14  While the entire team of employees at Custom Plastics, Inc. works together to make our operation run smoothly, our engineering capabilities are truly enticing. Here are just two of our many capabilities we are so excited about that we can't go without sharing.

As the late Steve Jobs once said "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

A new addition to the Custom Plastics family is our 3D printer. 3D printing enables our engineers to produce physical prototypes, giving the customer tangible proof and reassurance of a properly functioning and designed part. This gives the customer and engineering team a chance to see the product and make any design adjustments as necessary. 3D printing is essential when creating mating parts, or pieces that must work together in order for the part to function as a whole. Using 3D printing, our engineers can catch any problems before actual tools are built, helping to reduce the lead time and cost of your project.

Mold flow Analysis allows us to experiment with the "what if" scenarios using different materials, designs, and processing conditions. Mold flow analysis demonstrates how the chosen material will flow into the mold ensuring that the part will fill correctly. This gives us the ability to determine any possible issues, such as sink spots, and the chance to redesign such things before the actual part is run. During this configuration our engineers have the capabilities to reduce cycle times, balance the runner systems, and minimize stress levels.

Both our 3D printer and mold flow analysis allow our engineering team to work together with you as the customer to work through and fix design issues internally. Having internal resources is a huge advantage to reducing lead time and eliminating any outsource costs that can arise.

Speaking of internal resources, another noteworthy capability is our complete production tooling. Here at Custom Plastics, we build our own extrusion dies and repair and maintain molds. Our project management involves thorough steps such as Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and our Control Plan Initiative. APQP starts with a kick-off meeting to start the new project and involves a cross functional team dedicated to the follow through of the project. The Control Plan is a comprehensive review of our capabilities and your product specifications.

As you can tell, we are not your average molder. We have design capabilities that truly allow us to help give you the best service possible.

When you submit an RFQ or start a project with Custom Plastics, whether you will be working with our extrusion or injection molding departments, you will find comfort in knowing that you will be dealing with an experienced team dedicated to you and your project. As a family owned business we take pride in providing you personalized service from all of our departments to walk through the RFQ process with you and answer any questions or needs you may have.

For more information about starting your project with us, contact sales@customplasticsinc.com.


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