Local Plastics Manufacturer Celebrates 60 Years in Business

Elk Grove Village, IL. 10/8/13 — Custom Plastics, Inc., a local family owned and operated plastics manufacturer is celebrating 60 years of successful business operations this year. Despite periods of harsh economic times and growing pressure from overseas manufactures, Custom has continued to be an American leader in the business of plastics. In celebration of being in business for six decades, Custom Plastics has launched a brand new website along with a new tag line representing the company's core values: “Inspired by our Past, Driven by our Future.”

Started in 1953 by Cosmo Tisbo, the company only consisted of a single extruder machine inside a rented store space in the heart of Chicago. After acquiring a few key accounts, including the Whamo® “Hoola-Hoop,” additional machinery was purchased and the company moved to its current location in Elk Grove Village, IL. During the 1970s Cosmo Tisbo teamed up with an associate who was starting a new company in the field of electronics. Cosmo manufactured the plastic electronic components that his associate designed and, because of Cosmo’s ingenuity, the small electronics company quickly took off and today represents over half a billion dollars worth of annual business. This company is now known as the Panduit® Corporation.

Upon Cosmo Tisbo’s passing in 1999, his son Peter Tisbo, who had been involved in the business since 1982, became President and CEO of Custom Plastics. According to Peter, the company’s longevity has to do with some simple principles: outstanding service, credible engineering and manufacturing processes, and a top to bottom commitment to quality. “You will find the array of services we offer, that ‘one-stop’ mentality, is much in play like it was when the company initially began in 1953. We have grown over the years, and endured some challenges along the way with regards to resin costs, resin availability, the country's economic status, and buyers running first to Mexico then China.” As the company continued to grow, it added three proprietary divisions, Custom Accents® (http://www.customaccents.com), HandiSOLUTIONS® (http://www.handisolutions.com), and Custom Utility (http://www.customutility.com), and now a forth, OnCenter Retail Solutions (http://www.oncenterretail.com).

Today, Custom Plastics is thriving, manufacturing over 8.5 million pounds of plastics per year, while many of the other local manufacturers have closed their doors. Their ISO 9001:2008 certification continues to be a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and how the employees hold themselves to the highest industry standards. Custom Plastics continues to work with global brands in the industries of consumer durables, architectural lighting, point of purchase, and construction.


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