ST. LOUIS 8/13/18 — AeroX Industries has developed a light bar cover for trucks that silences wind noise while driving.


Gabe Warner, founder and president of AeroX Industries, conceptualized the product after experiencing annoying wind noise from the new light bar on his truck. “I came back from a long drive and immediately picked up a pencil and paper,” he says, “I worked on the design until I finally came up with a solution.”


AeroLidz, the light bar covers, are made from a polycarbonate material with properties that make it flexible enough to expand over the light bar, but rigid enough to maintain its airplane-like shape. The curved piece allows air to flow over the light bar, silencing any wind noise.


Warner approached Custom Plastics, Inc. to produce the part after twelve other manufacturers turned down the design due to the complex shape of the profile. Since Custom Plastics, Inc. has been serving the plastics industry for over 60 years, the plastics manufacturer was confident in taking on the project. A week after submitting drawings, the project was accepted and the product development process kicked off. “The engineering team at Custom Plastics redrew my design and we modified and modified until we got it right,” says Warner.


The piece has already received positive feedback from its multiple appearances at industry trade shows, including the Jeep Invasions Show in Tennessee. AeroLidz will be exhibited next at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, starting on October 30, 2018. This show is the premier automotive specialty products trade show event in the world. In 2017, the show hosted over 70,000 domestic and international buyers and over 3,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components.


Aside from the SEMA Show, future plans for AeroX Industries include expanding the AeroLidz product line and exploring new markets. Warner has already begun working with Custom Plastics to design new pieces for different sized trucks, UTVs, and Marine vehicles. “We had already built the trust and communication with Custom Plastics, so it made sense to work with them again,” says Warner, “There are so many opportunities for this product.”


Click here for more information or to purchase your own AeroLidz: https://aeroxindustries.com/shop/?v=7516fd43adaa