Custom Plastics, Inc. is proud to introduce our new Toshiba ECSXII Series molding machine. The EC200SXII is our first all-electric molding machine. Some of it's benefits include:



-Strain gauge adjusts tonnage automatically during the cycle, ensuring accurate tonnage at all times
-Friction-free drive system ensures more accurate injection speed and back pressure control, improving shot to shot repeatability throughout the processing cycle
-Linear guides reduce drag of injection and back pressure
-Brushing-free, grease-free tie bars allow less chance of contaminating molded parts
-Able to run multiple functions at top speeds without sacrificing accuracy


-Lap Sequence: injection occurs as soon as the mold halves touch
-Parts are immediately ejected as the clamp opens
-Combination of simultaneous motion and high-speed movement
-Ability to change from thin-wall to thick-wall molding
-Platens can be changed in only 15 minutes



-All-electric machines consume one-third to one-fifth the electricity of conventional hydraulic machines
-No water or oil is needed in production
-The machines use coining, meaning injection can start at a lower tonnage and increase to full tonnage during injection. This saves energy and creates less stress on machines during production.