Join us at Booth #322 at the Strategies in Light Show on February 13-15 at the Long Beach Convention Center located in Long Beach, California. 

Professionals from all areas of the lighting industry are invited to attend this three-day conference and trade show. Strategies in Light will provide opportunities to learn, observe and engage with different segments of the lighting industry through keynote speakers and conference sessions. New to this year's show are Lightspace California, which will combine trends and techniques of lighting technology with the art of design, and the IoT Pavilion, where attendees can find information and emerging technologies related to the Internet of Things. 

At Booth #322, we will be displaying samples of extruded lenses for LED lights and the new Diffuse Frost PVC. This material alternative to acrylic (PMMA) was engineered in collaboration with PolyOne Corp. and provides significant cost-savings benefits for extrusion projects. Sales representatives and engineers will be available to answer questions about the immense project capabilities of Custom Plastics, Inc.