Get to know the friendly and knowledgeable executive managers of Custom Plastics, Inc.

Dick Kneisel - Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Richard (Dick) Kneisel is the Executive Vice President of Custom Plastics, Inc.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Illinois and earned his CPA certificate upon graduation.  He worked in Public Accounting for four years at Ernst & Whinney.

Dick came to Custom Plastics, Inc. in 1984 starting as an accounting analyst.  His current management responsibilities include Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Purchasing.  His direct responsibilities include financial planning and the development of forecasts, establishment and reporting of strategic company performance measures, review of new product and existing product processing and pricing, and all regulatory compliance and reporting.

Overall, Dick enjoys working for a responsive and cohesive organization that values its customers, vendors, and employees.

Karen Levin - Director of Customer Administration

Karen Levin has worked at Custom Plastics for thirteen years.  She began as a customer service account manager many years ago and has an excellent understanding of customer satisfaction.  Karen currently oversees the customer service department, the shipping & receiving area, and the inventory team.  Some of her past endeavors at Custom Plastics include managing the purchasing and scheduling groups.
Prior to her career at Custom Plastics, Karen worked for over 11 years at Siemens in a sales/customer service management role.  She thrives on making things happen and complete organization.  She accomplishes this by motivating others to work together and ultimately satisfy the customer's requirements.  Her work ethic involves jumping in tasks herself and getting involved to handle any new project.

Jeff Nichol - Director of Operations

Jeff Nichol is the Director of Operations at Custom Plastics, Inc. and brings over thirty years of experience in manufacturing including planning, scheduling, analysis, and extensive on-going contact with suppliers and customers.  Jeff also has a wide range of experience with automotive interior, exterior, electrical, and consumer commercial products.

Since joining Custom Plastics in October of 2007, Jeff has lead efforts to improve manufacturing, reduce inventory, and support Quality initiatives.  He has initiated strategies for processing improvements of plastics, molding, extrusion, painting, pad printing, and various other assembly techniques.

Jeff has been successful in developing upfront quality improvements for the customer base, with direct interactions to improve communication and effectively make improvements in compressed lead times.  Some of Jeff's initiatives have been working with the pad print and assembly techniques to improve the throughput and eliminated waste in the operation.  He has also standardized molding cells to decrease set-up time, minimize waste, and improve delivery time.

Jeff has a strong record for efficient workflow management encompassing material transfer, several production processes, quality control, and delivery.  What helps make this possible is his successful leadership qualities including training, development and motivation of employees, and team building.  Jeff is quick to learn and adapt to new technologies and is a decisive and resourceful problem solver.  His disciplined approach to detail and the subsequent follow-through are what help make this possible.

Jeff attended the College of Dupage for the program of Manufacturing, Plastic Technology, and Business.

Some of Jeff's favorite activities include fly fishing, exercise, and outdoor activities.

Dave Phillips - Executive Sales Manager

Dave started at Custom Plastics in December of 1987.  After a three-month training period, he began working in the sales department handling specific accounts and prospecting for new business.  Over the next several years he continued to work in the OEM sales field and was able to bring in new accounts especially in the point of purchase industry.

In the early 1990s Dave became the sales manager for Custom Plastics and managed the independent sales representatives, and also direct factory sales personnel.

In the mid 1990s Dave was promoted to Vice President of Sales.  He was made responsible for the sales, customer service, and estimating departments.  During this time period Custom Plastics began to develop their own product line that was targeted for the office furniture market.  The division was named Custom Accents® and Dave began to devote a great deal of time and effort in building this division through product and account development.  A nationwide group of sales representatives in the office furniture and cabinet industry was developed to drive the Custom Accents® sales.

In 1996 Dave was given the task of spending his entire time and effort to develop the product line and customer base for Custom Accents®.  His title became Vice President of Proprietary Sales.  Custom Accents® continued to grow in sales and in depth of product line and today is one of the premier accessory manufacturers for the office furniture industry.

Custom Plastics then decided to develop a new line of their own products, this time targeting home and garage storage.  Using their extrusion and material compounding technology, a unique product called "HandiWALL®" was created.  This cellular PVC slatwall panel is very versatile and can be used to store items in many areas of the home.  The newest division of Custom Plastics was born, named HandiSOLUTIONS®.

Currently, Dave manages the HandiSOLUTIONS® and Custom Accents® sales teams and continues to help the Custom Plastics proprietary sales divisions grow and gain market share though account and new product development.

Dave graduated from Florida Southern College and received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Physical Education with a minor in Biology.  He spent his first ten years of his career in the retail auto parts industry in Atlanta, Georgia.

Peter Tisbo - President & CEO

With Peter's father (Cosmo N. Tisbo) starting the business in 1953, Peter's entire life evolved around him growing Custom Plastics, Inc.  It was then, as you could imagine, the only place he has ever worked at.  Peter came in full time out of college and began immediately on the shop floor, mostly loading trucks and then eventually getting into product inspection. These aspects helped him learn so much about people and how a business operates from behind the scenes.

It was a few years later that he was called up front, asked to put on tie, and begin handling accounts in a customer service position. That eventually expanded considerably as time progressed and the business grew. As he began to exert more of his influence on the company and its future direction, Cosmo began to relinquish his grasp on Custom Plastics. By the mid 1990s, Peter was made President of Custom Plastics, Inc.

When his father passed away in 1999, the personal and professional challenges became extreme. Changes in business conditions and major account fluctuations were rapid and the company had to constantly reinvent itself, adding additional proprietary lines and entering into new OEM markets in order to remain a solid organization. 

Today, we are all here and grateful to continue something started 60 years ago by a young tool and die man, with two young children who took a chance and went out on his own. The hundreds of employees who have come and gone have each contributed to this foundation. We are driven to maintain that legacy and be continuously successful in satisfying our customers now and well into the future.   

Suad Tortorella - General Manager & Director of Human Resources

Suad Tortorella joined Custom Plastics, Inc. over 15 years ago as the Director of Human Resources and has over seven years of prior legal and human resources experience.  Within this position her responsibilities include all aspects of employee recruitment and retention, benefits, payroll and compensation, recognition, training, safety and housekeeping, governmental regulations, for the multi-departmental, 24-hour, 3-shift operation of Custom Plastics, Inc.

During this time Suad has been fortunate enough to be exposed to every aspect of the operation allowing her to get to know each and every employee, from management to the shop floor. 

In 2012, Suad was offered an even greater opportunity as General Manager and Director of Human Resources.  She utilizes her people skills on a daily basis to drive company performance, productivity, quality, safety, and housekeeping goals within the manufacturing, engineering, quality, and maintenance operations.  Suad's number one goal is customer satisfaction!