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Custom Plastics Refrigeration

Defend your store from wandering carts, terrifying toddlers, misguided customers, and every day use.

Custom Plastics’ bumpers add a splash of sleek color to any store fixture while defending against all the elements of the retail environment. Our entire retail protection line is made of some of the most versatile plastics on the market - general purpose ABS. With its high-gloss finish and very high-impact resistance, it is no wonder that ABS plastic is used to help make some of the most durable products available today, including automobiles, cell phones, and sporting goods. We chose ABS plastic for its perfect combination of being easy to install, high-impact resistance, and stunning gloss finish. With Custom Plastics’ bumpers store owners will be able to easily add a fresh look while providing unmatched protection to their store displays.


Extrusion die for refrigeration

Tooled for All Major Brands

Refrigeration Parts

Variety of Approved Colors

Green ABS Plastic

We use Green ABS Plastic



Providing speedy turnaround times & cost savings for reskinning and refabrication of retail refrigeration.



No need to compare, our colors are approved for every major brand in the retail refrigeration market.



We produce "greener" profiles with the highest quality ABS plastics to help ensure your clients' satisfaction with your reskinning services.

Why Choose Our Bumpers?

Protect valuable refrigeration and freezer units with Custom Plastics' superior line of bumpers.

    1.  Our High-Impact ABS Plastic will never fade in color or become brittle over time
    2.  All of our pre-tooled bumpers are able to ship within two weeks
    3.  From production to delivery, our dedicated customer service team is always at your side

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Slotted Splashguards

Price Tag Mounts

Molded Corners

Approved Colors





Bone White








Smokey Beige


Pearl Gray


Cool Gray


Shy Gray






French Vanilla